Thursday, 29 December 2011

happy, new

Can you believe the year we've had? There was so much news that even the news was in the news.
It was the Year of the Rabbit, and in retrospect, I think it really was my lucky year:

And 2012 looks just as bright so far:                                                      
  • our apartment is finally clean
  • a new issue of our magazine is on the way
  • in two weeks I'm off to Burma (!!!!!!!!)
  • we may be moving somewhere with less rain and more people and more cafés


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

wrap 2011

Just a few examples of wrapping styles I tried out this year + the wrapping paper I hand-stamped; an activity in conveying my appreciation for the recipient before they even open the gift.

5 days until Christmas! Good grief.

Monday, 12 December 2011

web things

I ate dinner at 4pm, drank a Moonlight shochu cocktail at 4:30pm. Not sure how much I will get done tonight so here are some good things on the Internet I want to share.

Hello Sandwich has the perfect Tokyo apartment. A beautiful space, cute things, and it's neat. I should really clean my apartment.

I made these chocolate fondants yesterday and they are INSANE.
Think of all the advertisements for chocolate lava cakes you've seen in your lifetime and all the food styling and lighting tricks that went into that perfect little cake. This recipe equals that cake, except the cake is real and you can make it from scratch in 15 minutes and then you can eat it. If you are alone you can eat 4 of them.

Courtney Reagor just sent me the images for her feature in the next issue of space | time!(!!!!!)
Visit her blog Raised On Sandwiches, because it is the best.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Really excited to finally share what I was working on in that last week of craft market craziness. I now have 2* holiday card designs for sale exclusively at Vancouver Special!

The first is inspired by a vintage stag cross-stitch pattern, reminiscent of the cozy Christmas sweaters you hated wearing as a kid (but love to wear now). And the second is a little cabin in the snow, painted by hand then digitally placed. Both are printed on 140 lb, cold press watercolour paper and each comes with a kraft paper envelope. Dimensions are 6"x4.25".

* Technically 3 designs. There's another cabin card with the words "HAVE A COZY CHRISTMAS" because I couldn't decide which I liked better.

Today I have a lot of wintery wrapping paper to print - busy busy busy.

Monday, 5 December 2011

the day after

Our craft market yesterday was such a fun time. Hats off to all the vendors who produced such wonderful items, and also to the amazing team at Nouvelle Nouvelle for being so helpful and supportive.

I raised a good amount to go towards printing the next issue of space | time AND met so many creative and inspiring ladies - what a day!

Mobiles by Lauren Popadiuk; hanging pots and photos by Anna-Lise Schmidt; necklaces by Karen La; ceramics and jams by Cailen Day. 

And now back to work on Issue Two!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


As usual, I've left most things for the craft market to the last minute(/week). I feel bad for Will because he's basically been living with Pig-Pen from the Peanuts for the past two months. The sewing machine has been on the dining table for all of November and there's an innumerable amount of seed beads on the floor. I won't mention any more (there is a lot more) because I don't want to imagine the face of disgust you would be making if I continued.

ANYWAY: I've made two new editions of the linocut. Unfortunately I ran out of yellow ink but I think I made them work.

More importantly, I made these poppyseed cakes. That plate will be empty by tonight. If you've ever been to a Jewish bakery around Purim, or a Ukrainian or Polish or Austrian bakery at any time,  you'll be familiar with the poppyseed/almond flavour combination, which I greatly prefer to the ubiquitous lemon-poppyseed cake usually found at coffee shops. I also like how the poppyseeds look like teeny tiny polka dots.

The recipe is from an amazing food blog I came across only recently, Lottie + Doof. The collection of recipes is edited down so well, and often include ideas that I've never seen before - there are lots of need-to-try-now posts (this cake, for example). You can view the recipe here; but as a warning, don't make these before a drug test.

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Here's a little sneakpeek of a holiday card I'm working on. I've been so focused on the craft market that I haven't had the energy to pick up a brush until now. I'm fighting the urge to let out a Cathy-esque "AACK." (Which is worse, Cathy or The Family Circus? I do love Liz Lemon, though.)

More card posts soon!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The wind was howling all night long; it's been raining all day long. Just a little bit worse than your average west coast winter day; needed to rediscover all those Numero Group compilations I neglected so long ago.

From the Eccentric Soul series                           

Eccentric Soul, our flagship series, has documented lovingly mishandled soul labels from Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Miami. Our Wayfaring Strangers compilations collect the privately issued song-fruits of wandering folkies. Each Cult Cargo release visits the sonic shores of some tiny, isolated nation, while Good God! titles seek the spiritual, as enshrined on reels of audio tape neglected until now. And with Local Customs we investigate isolated, mom-and-pop recording outfits, each operated by a homespun Alan Lomax who gave neighbors and friends studio time, a microphone, and a shot at being heard a generation later.
We’ve even crossed the street from time to time to deliver hidden worlds of unsung power pop, kitchen-sink New York disco and rap, kid-group soul, fiery rockabilly gospel, Franco-Belgian electro-samba, phantom blaxploitation funk, psychedelic heartland pop, orchestral UK chanteuse folk, decaying art-soul and Southside funk-blues club life captured in glorious black & white.
 - Numero Group

Monday, 14 November 2011

things 02: black & white

Masahiro Mori mini cup @ Poketo

Mihoko Seki wrapping paper pad, Café & Temples @ Uguisu

I like the idea of the polka dots;
black & white cookies @ SweetAmbs
(her Etsy shop cookies are outrageous)

seasonal 02

In season right now:                           
Pacific saury! These fish are at their peak in autumn so they won't be around for very long. I found a package of two, salted and grilled, at Fujiya for $2.95. Added a couple of deli items (eggplant with ginger; candied sweet potato) and I had a really cheap/seasonal/amazing after-work meal. 

Fujiya on Clark
912 Clark Drive
Vancouver, BC

Thursday, 10 November 2011

library 01

From The Textile Design Book  by Karin Jerstorp and Eva Kohlmark, Lark Books (1989). 

(Sorry for the shoddy scanning.)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

things 01

I'm currently on the lookout for a nice, modern candlestick - we'd been lighting a lot of beeswax candles during allergy season and the habit kind of stuck around all autumn.

I'm eyeing these ones from Etsy, but I think I might try my luck at thrifting for a little while longer (also, most of these don't ship to Canada, boo-urns).

Teak bird candle holder @ susantique

Modern wood candle holders @ AMradio

Mid Century cast iron candle holders @ MidModMomStore

Vintage Delft Blue candle holder set @ ElizabethJaneCottage

Lastly, not a candleholder, but...

Swedish branch candle (Grenljus) @ abelcarver 

"These Swedish branch candles (Grenljus) are hand dipped at the holidays.
They are traditionally used on the Christmas table and for other special events.
The candle is a traditional Swedish folk art. They are 11" tall and are great at a dinner party. They burn for 6 hours enough for 3 good meals or 2 great ones."

So neat.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

last summer

I was wearing shorts when all of these were taken. Those were the days!

Taken with my Olympus StylusEpic. 

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I'm finally able to officially share what I've been organizing for the past little while:

space | time is pleased to present...A winter craft market! 

There will be less than ten vendors, for one day only, so everything we make is going to be extra special. 

Amy from Nouvelle Nouvelle has been kind enough to lend us her space to showcase all of our handmade goods right before the holidays. Because of this, none of our vendors have had to pay table fees, and none of you will have to pay admission fees! Hopefully I'll be able to bake some goodies for people to snack on, too, so come hang out on December 4th. It's going to be the perfect way to start the holiday season. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Here's a quick stamp I made for this year's Xmas present wrapping. So many holiday-related things going on right now, this is just the first of many. I recently found a book on Japanese gift wrapping (a seriously amazing art form) and am hoping to implement this stamp into some future posts on the subject.

It's been so cold here lately that I don't even feel silly posting about Christmas projects. We've already brought out the Hudson's Bay blanket!

Friday, 28 October 2011

kaffee 2

It's raining and I would love to be in either of these places right now, both of which are featured in a very nice book called Very Small Cafés and Restaurants.

John Street Tea and Wine, Kilkenny, Ireland

The Royal Café, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sunday, 16 October 2011

kitchen things

Currently Indispensable Items: Kitchen edition
  1. Hair pin that keeps even my super thick hair out of my food when cooking. The text on the package reads, "Makes you an instant good looker...Enhanced hair volume results in the appearance of a smaller face!!" Daiso, $2.

  2. Tetley Orange Pekoe tea. So so crucial, I don't feel right without my daily cup or three. Anywhere, ~$4 for 144 bags.

  3. Rice paddle; I've been making bentos for work lunches (see 6). The bumps ensure that rice will never stick to the spoon, making washing up easy (but still not fun). Daiso, $2.

  4. Better Than Bouillon Mushroom Base for making quick and amazing vegetarian gravy. I also like to use it as a base for miso soup. Gourmet Warehouse, $6.99 (but I got mine at a small grocer's up the street).

  5. Homemade za'atar: thyme, oregano, sumac, black & white sesame seeds. I put it on everything from toast to popcorn and kale chips. If I'm making a salad but am out of lemons, I just add a bunch of za'atar as the sumac is very acidic.

  6. Two-tiered bento box; I try to bring lunch to work as often as possible. These are great because they ensure that you don't glut yourself at lunch hour and feel all gross and beached-whale-ish by 2pm. I usually put rice in the smaller portion and some kind of protein/vegetables in the larger. This site is a great bento resource for recipe ideas and general information. Bento box from eBay, $15. 


A little while ago, right after our zine was mentioned on Fine Little Day, I sent a copy of space | time to Fanja; she was our first international request.  A couple of weeks after that, I received this huge box of British goodies in the mail. Trades are fun! I'd like to do more. Thanks again, Fanja. <):-)

(In case you were curious, we ate the cookies/biscuits while discussing Issue 02!)

(I'm still awful at taking photos.)

Friday, 14 October 2011


Just a half-post for now: I really need to focus on all these goals I've been making for myself (zine, craft fair, being an adult). Just adding another to the list: I want to get into prop styling but I'm not sure where to start. My photography skills are definitely lacking but I think you can hire people to do that. Right?  

Monday, 3 October 2011

late night

Two things to think about among many.       

French knot pillow, JF & Son

Seat cushion, At-Swim-Two-Birds @ Mr Kitly

Thursday, 29 September 2011

treats / recipe 2

Couldn't figure out if I should have put these on my lunch blog, even though they are definitely not lunch items (unless you are on an all-cookie diet). 

  1. Hedgehog: cookiecutter from Ikea, sprinkles not included.
  2. Alvar Aalto-inspired!!!!!: cookiecutter by Iittala, now discontinued but I got it from work.

Here's the recipe for the cookie, which is actually a pastry. 
But a warning! Not for the lazy baker. 

Click for larger size. 

silk house

Vintage kimono fabric I purchased from the Silk House shop. It's nice to find objects that have their own stories, though for now they are just imagined. The shop also has kimono with amazing shibori detail, the hand skills involved blow me away.

Some other favourites: