Monday, 16 May 2011

eat & eat & eat

On Friday I was stricken with some mystery stomach illness: couldn't get out of bed, couldn't look at moving objects without feeling nauseous, and worst of all, had zero appetite. If I did eat, it was plain juk and nothing else (except I put in lots of ginger, garlic and lime leaves, don't tell my mom). 

Four days later, mystery bug still unsolved. But now that I can stand up without clutching my stomach, and eat regular foods without adverse tummy reactions, I've mostly been in the kitchen. More relaxing than sitting in a coffee shop, and more rewarding than lying in bed all day!

In order:
  • risotto; asparagus, king oyster mushrooms, roasted tomatoes 
  • oatmeal; strawberries, rhubarb, Balkan-style yoghurt (the best)
  • these cookies are so good
  • tarts for dinner; improvised puff pastry, goat cheese, egg, roasted tomatoes, arugula; & the best broccoli
  • "crackers" from leftover pastry

This freak cooking streak also helped me decide to write/illustrate a children's cookbook, maybe this summer. Maybe even just a little zine. Excited!

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