Thursday, 29 September 2011

treats / recipe 2

Couldn't figure out if I should have put these on my lunch blog, even though they are definitely not lunch items (unless you are on an all-cookie diet). 

  1. Hedgehog: cookiecutter from Ikea, sprinkles not included.
  2. Alvar Aalto-inspired!!!!!: cookiecutter by Iittala, now discontinued but I got it from work.

Here's the recipe for the cookie, which is actually a pastry. 
But a warning! Not for the lazy baker. 

Click for larger size. 

silk house

Vintage kimono fabric I purchased from the Silk House shop. It's nice to find objects that have their own stories, though for now they are just imagined. The shop also has kimono with amazing shibori detail, the hand skills involved blow me away.

Some other favourites: 

Monday, 26 September 2011


I'm on the hunt for a winter uniform, and everything I need can be found at Monki. Unfortunately they don't ship to North America (yet?) so for the past ten minutes I've been looking up from my laptop to my closet and frowning hard. B-(


Also: it's been a few weeks, but I should mention here that space | time  got a transatlantic shoutout from Elisabeth at Fine Little Day! I've been reading her blog almost every day for the past three years...words, especially digitally typed ones, cannot fully express how happy this makes me still.

Look out for Issue #2 coming out February 2012! 

Thursday, 8 September 2011

recipe 1

Click for larger size.


Yellow things in my apartment that I really like:

1. My Baggu daypack that folds up into a little zip pouch.

2. A recycled plastic bowl Anna got me for my birthday.

3. A new series of bracelets I'm working on (more on those soon).

4. Sweet corn ice cream I just churned ten minutes ago, and it's unbearably good. Recipe above.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the internet

(Strawberry vodka -

Some good 'n simple project ideas:

I might make bigger versions of these so I can finally stop using
paper towels.

Recycling with food! (Here is the video for DIY nut milk/precursor to the hummus.)

Time to hoard the last of the summer crops and make a million batches of infused liquor!