Sunday, 16 October 2011

kitchen things

Currently Indispensable Items: Kitchen edition
  1. Hair pin that keeps even my super thick hair out of my food when cooking. The text on the package reads, "Makes you an instant good looker...Enhanced hair volume results in the appearance of a smaller face!!" Daiso, $2.

  2. Tetley Orange Pekoe tea. So so crucial, I don't feel right without my daily cup or three. Anywhere, ~$4 for 144 bags.

  3. Rice paddle; I've been making bentos for work lunches (see 6). The bumps ensure that rice will never stick to the spoon, making washing up easy (but still not fun). Daiso, $2.

  4. Better Than Bouillon Mushroom Base for making quick and amazing vegetarian gravy. I also like to use it as a base for miso soup. Gourmet Warehouse, $6.99 (but I got mine at a small grocer's up the street).

  5. Homemade za'atar: thyme, oregano, sumac, black & white sesame seeds. I put it on everything from toast to popcorn and kale chips. If I'm making a salad but am out of lemons, I just add a bunch of za'atar as the sumac is very acidic.

  6. Two-tiered bento box; I try to bring lunch to work as often as possible. These are great because they ensure that you don't glut yourself at lunch hour and feel all gross and beached-whale-ish by 2pm. I usually put rice in the smaller portion and some kind of protein/vegetables in the larger. This site is a great bento resource for recipe ideas and general information. Bento box from eBay, $15. 

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