Tuesday, 8 November 2011

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I'm currently on the lookout for a nice, modern candlestick - we'd been lighting a lot of beeswax candles during allergy season and the habit kind of stuck around all autumn.

I'm eyeing these ones from Etsy, but I think I might try my luck at thrifting for a little while longer (also, most of these don't ship to Canada, boo-urns).

Teak bird candle holder @ susantique

Modern wood candle holders @ AMradio

Mid Century cast iron candle holders @ MidModMomStore

Vintage Delft Blue candle holder set @ ElizabethJaneCottage

Lastly, not a candleholder, but...

Swedish branch candle (Grenljus) @ abelcarver 

"These Swedish branch candles (Grenljus) are hand dipped at the holidays.
They are traditionally used on the Christmas table and for other special events.
The candle is a traditional Swedish folk art. They are 11" tall and are great at a dinner party. They burn for 6 hours enough for 3 good meals or 2 great ones."

So neat.

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