Tuesday, 29 November 2011


As usual, I've left most things for the craft market to the last minute(/week). I feel bad for Will because he's basically been living with Pig-Pen from the Peanuts for the past two months. The sewing machine has been on the dining table for all of November and there's an innumerable amount of seed beads on the floor. I won't mention any more (there is a lot more) because I don't want to imagine the face of disgust you would be making if I continued.

ANYWAY: I've made two new editions of the linocut. Unfortunately I ran out of yellow ink but I think I made them work.

More importantly, I made these poppyseed cakes. That plate will be empty by tonight. If you've ever been to a Jewish bakery around Purim, or a Ukrainian or Polish or Austrian bakery at any time,  you'll be familiar with the poppyseed/almond flavour combination, which I greatly prefer to the ubiquitous lemon-poppyseed cake usually found at coffee shops. I also like how the poppyseeds look like teeny tiny polka dots.

The recipe is from an amazing food blog I came across only recently, Lottie + Doof. The collection of recipes is edited down so well, and often include ideas that I've never seen before - there are lots of need-to-try-now posts (this cake, for example). You can view the recipe here; but as a warning, don't make these before a drug test.

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