Thursday, 8 December 2011


Really excited to finally share what I was working on in that last week of craft market craziness. I now have 2* holiday card designs for sale exclusively at Vancouver Special!

The first is inspired by a vintage stag cross-stitch pattern, reminiscent of the cozy Christmas sweaters you hated wearing as a kid (but love to wear now). And the second is a little cabin in the snow, painted by hand then digitally placed. Both are printed on 140 lb, cold press watercolour paper and each comes with a kraft paper envelope. Dimensions are 6"x4.25".

* Technically 3 designs. There's another cabin card with the words "HAVE A COZY CHRISTMAS" because I couldn't decide which I liked better.

Today I have a lot of wintery wrapping paper to print - busy busy busy.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely wrap. It arrived safely and is lovely.

  2. Oh good! I'm glad it found its way to you before winter wrapping season ended!