Monday, 12 December 2011

web things

I ate dinner at 4pm, drank a Moonlight shochu cocktail at 4:30pm. Not sure how much I will get done tonight so here are some good things on the Internet I want to share.

Hello Sandwich has the perfect Tokyo apartment. A beautiful space, cute things, and it's neat. I should really clean my apartment.

I made these chocolate fondants yesterday and they are INSANE.
Think of all the advertisements for chocolate lava cakes you've seen in your lifetime and all the food styling and lighting tricks that went into that perfect little cake. This recipe equals that cake, except the cake is real and you can make it from scratch in 15 minutes and then you can eat it. If you are alone you can eat 4 of them.

Courtney Reagor just sent me the images for her feature in the next issue of space | time!(!!!!!)
Visit her blog Raised On Sandwiches, because it is the best.

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