Sunday, 26 February 2012

issue two is out now!

& as promised, it's now available for purchase in our
shiny new webshop

Issue one is also on sale in case you missed it last year; I only have a few copies left!

Late Winter/Early Spring 2012 Contributors:                 

Jonah Campbell
Maggie Chok
Ian Granville
Emily Horne
Alyssa Kwan
Melanie Kwan
Joseph Pearson
Lauren Popadiuk
Courtney Reagor
Anna-Lise Schmidt
Madeleine Scrutton
Caileigh Speck
Leslie A. Wood
Hayley Wright

I have some really excellent things lined up for March, but now's not the time.

And now that I have all this over with, I can get back to those belated travel posts:
Yangon is up next!

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