Monday, 2 April 2012

sunday baking

Now that I'm older (wiser? Debatable.), there are certain things I remember from childhood, and many memories I can no longer access as easily. For some reason, the images and memories that do stick out tend to be food or craft-related. There were so many times when I would see something in a book or on a TV program and I would immediately think in my eight year old brain, "I NEED TO MAKE THAT." Thanks to the Internet, this now happens almost daily. But even now, particular images from my childhood of potential things to make will resurface, until I do end up making them. 

These cookies are a good example. My sister and I shared a Gameboy in the early 90s, except I only ever played one game, Yoshi's Cookie. And even though the game was black and white and fairly fuzzy, those checkerboard cookies haunted me for years.

At least until now, because I made them yesterday and the mystique and wonderment is pretty much gone; but they still taste really good and impress the hell out of people, the two most important criteria when baking anything.  

Recipe is Michel Roux's pâte sablée dough, divided in two, with 1/4 cup of cocoa powder replacing the flour in one half of the recipe (extra flour is needed for the correct consistency; add less cocoa if you want less chocolate). Unlike the original recipe, I've started making this in a bowl with a spoon; it's a lot easier in terms of cleanup and doesn't waste as much dough. 

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